Sunkin Catering Service: Quality Tea Served With Excellency

Since 2000, we are passionate about offering quality tea at workplaces. The company was founded to ease the corporate burden of providing refreshments to their workers. All that we do is to help organizations focus on their core business as we take care of their Tea services.

We serve both private and public institutions of all sizes. Our current and past customers come from the banking industry, parastatals, learning, government, religious institutions, among many other sectors in the Kenyan economy.

Our vision is to see organizations thrive with motivated employees. This is why we strive to offer quality tea service that ignites life in workplaces.

On your special occasions, we’ll come on board and offer other catering services that you’ll need. From refreshments to food, we got you covered.

Our team is highly trained, experienced, and efficient at their work. From top management to support staff allocated to your organization, you’ll deal with professionals who understand the value of great customer service.

We bring over 19 years of experience in the catering industry. Having been trusted by reputable institutions like the Office of Deputy President, you can imagine the level of our quality.

Let’s Partner To Ignite Life In Your Workplace

Partner with us, and you’ll get quality tea services at your workplace.

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